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Re: Form Rules?

Postby woodnut » 13 Oct 2012, 13:04

demi wrote:Rules would be understood but probably ignored by most who dont care. Its tragic but theres a lot of people out there who dont want to help the community grow. Oh well i know you and the other mods will do your best to sort it out :)

Moderators may need to refer a player to the reason an action is taken. Eg.
Please remove your post as it violates rule two
Maybe we can turn the "a lot of people" , into a few. :)
We were all in a hurry to register , and see the forums. But how many spent time reading and understanding , the Bithack TERMS OF USE, or have gone back and read it ?
We all touched on
, not to post anything abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous , hateful, threatning , or sexually orentated .
Doing so may lead to immediate and permenant baned .
There are some terms used here that need to be understood by all of us.
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