Bithack Launcher (DISCONTINUED)

Bithack Launcher (DISCONTINUED)

Postby RasmusOlle » 11 Oct 2014, 15:44

It is time to make this go in the dumps. It was ~3 years since I made this, and I have since switched from doing stuff like that.
The topic was garbage, the readme was garbage, and the whole thing was garbage. I however might rewrite it into a chrome extension later.

Original topic:
welcome to bithack launcher, where its easy to go to every bithack website!


* haves a list of all bithack websites and opens it in your standard web browser
* makes Everything easy 8-)
* small (ehh, not soo small, will make it smaller in 1.1)
* are easy to learn, and if you not understand something, so have you a readme that follows with your download
enjoy! /RasmusOlle
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