Principia needs to go fully 3D

Principia needs to go fully 3D

Postby someguy » 23 Sep 2014, 18:13

Don't stone me! I love this game.

It's easy to see that many games are going in the recent trend of building stuff sandbox style for fun. But none of them can touch Principia in terms of ... well, what's the words... realistic, believable interaction? I mean, in Principia you can truly build things that no other game can... yet. Most other games are too pre-scripted and constrained to making a set of items, where in Principia you can do anything you can think of, provided the tools exist.

I stumbled into Autocraft today. It looks okay, not really my specific interest, but hey, it's in the same genre as Principia. But what's different (aside from its vastly smaller array of capabilities)? It's fully 3D. For a moment, imagine Principia in full 3D. Vehicles you can drive or fly around in 3D space. Mining (minecraft, timber and stone, build and defend gameplay?), building fortresses and defending them -- not with precanned tools (T&S) but rather with inventions of your own imagination; real catapult, anyone? -- creating full 3D games of whatever type you want. There is so much creativity in Principia waiting to be used, and so much that the community has already brought out. Now imagine it in 3D.

I realize this might be beyond the scope of the project. Far beyond it, in fact. But I can hope not. With how poorly :( the indiegogo thing is going, I can't help but feel it's because the majority of people (myself included) cringe when they see side scrollers. Principia is the ONLY side scroller I will give any of my time. Imagine it in 3D...

Please, lets move past the side scroller era and into the world of 3D. Principia will shine then and show all other crafting games how it's done.

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Re: Principia needs to go fully 3D

Postby Linux » 31 Aug 2015, 20:58

Hello there I am Linux,
Its funny how things can change for better or worse but,
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Re: Principia needs to go fully 3D

Postby _BlackDog_ » 02 Sep 2015, 13:30

It sounds great, but principia planned as 2D game and many players like it only in 2D (including me, but 3D principia is very good too). So i suggest to make a new game like principia in everything, but in 3D. Also many codes can be coppied from principia 2D
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Re: Principia needs to go fully 3D

Postby Maraeris » 09 Sep 2015, 10:44

You have a lot of knowledge that I've learned to make.
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Re: Principia needs to go fully 3D

Postby trion129 » 21 Dec 2015, 15:57

But first bring developers back.. :( we miss 'em all
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