My Coolest Wishlist you've never seen!

Have any new objects in mind? Perhaps a touch-up to the UI that we hadn't thought of? Post it here!

My Coolest Wishlist you've never seen!

Postby Golden » 10 Apr 2015, 00:41

well i have generated few ideas to make cooler objects and heres my list, its ok if ya can fulfill any one or more,
1. robot has creative mode
2. chainsaw
3. robot has fingers(well lol)
4. tractor beam tool
5. plants that grows when fed with water
6. generator(at least mines still works)
Lua Tools:
1. rpg game creator
2. lua tools has link to any page to learn lua coding
3. fix the image converter(it is broken)
1. change any background color in menu
2. theme
3. console that can read lua error, new function: print(" ") and can read in console
The End
have fun making those :D
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